Our story


A new concept

In 1973, Intes established a unique structure that facilitates transatlantic trade. Intes recognized that when a company goes abroad for business, it has to deal with the complexities of unfamiliar local markets. In consequence, it is forced to find and consult different experts in various fields in an effort to manage future development abroad.

Based on this observation, Intes created a structure that allows a company to efficiently manage export development while maintaining control of their product and development strategy at their main office. Intes offered a complete and integral structure with its own internal export department.


Moving to North America

In 2002, Comintes opens its North American subsidiary. Located in the heart of a large consumer market and the hub of international trade between North America and Europe, Montreal was the perfect location. Comintes client Aube, a Canadian heating control manufacturer, became the leader on the French market and spread its products trough Europe. Comintes spread many products from electronic devices and speakers, outdoor equipment and patio furniture, dry food and maple syrup, beauty products and makeup, any best products in each industry.


Moving forward

In 1995, Gerard Gay assumed control of the company as its new owner and CEO. With more than 15 years of expertise in international product and service development, Gerard spurred the international business service centre to a higher level. Intes then became Comintes. At the turn of the century, Comintes was working with many manufacturers from all over the world: Canada, USA, UK, Japan, France, etc


Remind committed

Today, Comintes remind committed to the development of small and medium company to export, expand sale aboard and develop transatlantic trade whatever level of international development they are. Buyers, distributors, government representatives, manufacturers and producers of all scopes put their trust in us for over 40 years.