If you perform one of the following operations you must register with European fiscal authorities for sales tax compliancy:

  • You sell goods or services within Europe from North America or from other non-European location or entity
  • You import goods in France and want to be able to recover the tax paid at the entrance
  • You move goods between France and any other European destination
  • You export goods from France to any countries
  • You sell products online to European customers (B to C), even through market place such as Amazon
  • You have a local inventory or use “Fulfilment By Amazon” FBA program
  • You provide refurbishment, repair or construction services on the French territory
  • You provide digital services to European users


Sale tax in Europe, VAT, is charged upon importation of any goods in the European territory and on every subsequent sale of products or services in the supply chain including to the final customer. As a none-French companies trading in France you have certain obligations to fulfill and procedure to follow to ensure compliancy. As an authorised administration and tax representative appoint by the French government, COMINTES will assist you in the compliance process and fulfill your everyday obligations.

  • Assessment of your administrative obligations
  • Implementation of specific infrastructure to adhere to local requirements
  • Preparation and submission of application forms on your behalf
  • Assistance in statutory reporting obligations, statistical reports of movement of goods to the European tax and customs authorities
  • Guidance on setting up administration documentation and your ecommerce or market place seller central website to ensure compliancy with European tax law
  • Remit periodic statutory sales tax declarations
  • Fulfill refund request and claim back the VAT you paid
  • Manage all correspondence with the French tax authorities
  • Act as your local administration representative, fiscal representative or social representative
  • Create subsidiary, branch, virtual business office, legal domiciliation according to local requirements and your needs


You are a foreigner employer and like to have an employee working for you in France, you will have to complete administrative formalities in France prior of hiring someone. Whether you are having a business place in France or not, whether you are hiring a new employee or sending one of your actual employees to France, COMINTES is able to assist you through the complex French social security system and mandatory process to ensure your compliancy.

  • Assessment of your social obligations in France
  • Preparation and submission of mandatory application forms on your behalf
  • Preparation of payroll and social declarations
  • Manage correspondence with the different social authorities in France


You want to expand in a different way, to provide your customers with new services, to add a new dimension to your business? COMINTES is always available to support you in your development projects.